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Daddy O’s Smokehouse

Our Story:

It all started in a little North Texas town, Greenville. 70 years ago, Gramp O.Z. first put ribs in his homemade backyard smoker over simmering mesquite logs. Low and slow was his motto. Low heat and slow cooking making ribs, pulled pork and brisket tender as a mother’s love. His slow smoked meats were renowned throughout that little North Texas town. “If you’re lookin’, it ain’t cookin’ ” he used to say. His methodical techniques were passed down through generations of the Kamara family.

I am third generation smokemaster, O.Z. Kamara, bringing all that old-school smoking to the Sacramento area. With nearly 30 years of restaurant and cooking experience, I am sharing recipes and methods that have been in my family for decades. Smoking tender flavorful meats is my passion. 


The Food

At Daddy O’s we embrace the process.  In those long, slow, low hours, the tough meat, the fibers break down becoming deeply flavored and delicate. There are no shortcuts. Everything at Daddy O’s is handcrafted. Nothing from a can, everything is made from scratch.  We are authentic in everything we do.

My rubs are custom made from those old recipes passed down from Gramp. The sides come from Mom. They are vegetarian and can make a wonderful meal by themselves. The four-cheese Mac, Mom’s potato salad, crispy savory veggies, not soggy over-cooked vegetables that you find at the typical rib joint. I’ve also traveled extensively to find equally unique and flavorful offerings from across the sea. The jerk chicken and ribs, a tasty staple from Jamaica, both are well worth trying.

Highest quality ingredients, patience, old school, authentic, handcrafted, and the secret sauce in every offering from Daddy O’s:


My life is in this food.


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